Puggle Shipping

We can ship to most Int. airports in the USA. Everything will have to be prepaid via Pay Pal. All you need is a photo ID to pick up your new puggle puppy at the airport. Add $450 to the price of your puggle puppy for shipping costs. That includes the required vet check and paper work, pet taxi, flight ticket, and transportation to the airport for your puggle puppy. Your new puggle puppy will arrive the same day we ship it out. Usually it only takes a few hours from the time we ship out till the time you receive your puggle puppy. It is very safe we always try to get direct flights if possible. We ship with Continental whenever possible and have always had great success. We also have a few delivery options depending on where you are located. Fees vary depending on distance. Call or email Jonas for a quote. Also, if you are located on the east coast we do a lot of planned delivery trips to NY,CT,RI,NJ,PA,MD,DC areas and everywhere in between about once a month. Rates for that vary between $150-$200 per puppy. Ask about discounts if you ship more than one.