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Pictures coming this weekend !!!

Litter of 8  3 males 5 female

born June 23 take home date is August 18th

1st pick  Scott Vidovichi (female )

2nd pick Jennifer LaFlamme (female)

3rd pick Ann Pelchat(male)

4th pick Jeff W. Male or female 

5th pick Samantha Migliore

6th brandi graves (female)

7th Smith (Florida) female


Puggle Puppy

Theo (700) samantha


Amy female (700) Brendan family

Mason m (700) molly walsh

Clark m amanda ray

Cutie (700) female  Christine Kasper


Ham (700) Male leslie ober family


Macy (700)  female Michel Grinstead


Molly (700) female Sandra Hill

ROSE (700) jennifer

 Tulip (700)   smith

Gracie female (700) Ingrid woodi

Herman m (700)Sally sweeny

Clifford (700) male Brenda Best


Cuddles  (700) Female BRENDA BEST


Recently Adopted


Tansy (Female) 700 

Adopted By Christine

Dak (Male) 700

Adopted By KP

This litter was born on July 23rd. They will be available for pickup or delivery anytime after September 18th.


Recently Adopted


Jewel | Female | 700 (Adopted)

Maddie | Female | 700 (Adopted)

Anna Belle | Female | 700

Lindsey | Female | 700 (Adopted)

Rosie | Female | 700 (Adopted)

Christian | Male | 700 ( Adopted)